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Act 20, 2010 (XX) – Act anent Preaching Fees, Travelling Expenses and Residential Supply. 18th May 2010.

The General Assembly re-enact the Regulations relating to Preaching Fees, Travelling Expenses and Residential

Supply as follows:

1. In all vacant congregations preaching fees shall be not less than the Scale of Fees approved by the General Assembly.

2. Congregations shall be responsible for providing accommodation and board for weekend supply; and accommodation and travelling expenses for Temporary Resident Supply.

3. Where supply involves the conduct of only one service on the Lord’s Day the fee to be paid shall be at half the level that would otherwise obtain.

4. Travelling expenses of Supply Preachers All congregations shall be responsible for meeting the travelling expenses of supply preachers in full. Such preachers shall make use of public transport wherever available. When such transport is not available and suitable, payment shall be at the rate of 30p per mile.

5. Scale of Fees from 1st January 2011 As from 1st January 2011 a standard fee of £50 shall be paid by the congregation to a weekend supply preacher. This fee shall not be paid to a Minister in a settled charge.

6. The General Assembly, while recognising the rights of interim moderators to make appropriate arrangements for the supply of vacant congregations, including residential supply where this is seen to be desirable, enact that no such appointment involving the occupation of the manse for a period of longer than three months shall be entered into without prior approval of the Presbytery. In all such cases, a formal lease should be drawn up by the Deacons’ Court or Finance Committee, subject to the terms of the Title Deeds. In the case of properties held under the Model Trust Deed, the Presbytery shall ensure, prior to granting approval for the resident supply arrangement, that a lease is drawn up in proper form to safeguard the rights of the Church, such lease to be approved by the Chief Administrative Officer.

7. Act III, 2004, Act XXVI, 2005, Act XI, 2006 and any other legislation inconsistent with these enactments are hereby repealed.