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Act 14, 2008 (XIV) – Act anent Organisation and Supervision of Sunday Schools. 20th May 2008.

1 All Sunday Schools are under the supervision of the Kirk Session which shall take a particular interest in them and use every possible means to improve their efficiency.

2 The formal appointment of Sunday school teachers shall be made by the Kirk Session and be duly recorded in the minutes of the Session.

3 No person shall be considered for appointment as a Sunday School teacher unless the Kirk Session is satisfied as to his or her qualifications and suitability. Ordinarily, they should be a member of the congregation.

4 Every Sunday School teacher shall have Child Protection clearance and shall be advised of their responsibilities before they commence their teaching duties.

5 The minister shall make every effort, where possible, to visit the Sunday School and take an active interest in its life and work.

6 The Kirk Session shall consider appointing an elder with specific responsibility for oversight of the Sunday School.

7 The Kirk Session shall appoint an overall leader for the work of the Sunday School, and that person shall be responsible to the Kirk Session through the elder where such is appointed in terms of 6 above.

8 It is recommended that Sunday Schools make use of the Free Church syllabus, or at least its core material, in the year to year curriculum.

9 The Kirk Session shall ensure that the Deacons’ Court are aware of the practical needs of the Sunday school and that they do all in their power to meet these needs.