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Act 8, 2015 (VIII) – Act anent appointment of the Editor of The Record. 19th May 2015.

1. The General Assembly note with regret the resignation of Rev. Dr Malcolm Maclean as Editor of The Record. They thank Dr Maclean for all his work during his tenure as Editor and are grateful to him for agreeing to continue in post for the remainder of 2015.

2. The General Assembly support the Board’s recommendation that the Editorship of The Record should not be restricted to ministers and elders of the Free Church of Scotland.

3. The General Assembly direct that the qualifications for appointment as Editor of The Record shall be as follows:

3.1 The Editor shall be a communicant member of the Free Church of Scotland and a person of some maturity in Christian life.

3.2 The qualifications and experience of the candidate shall be matched as closely as possible to the remit for the post as drawn up by the Board of Trustees.

3.3 The term of appointment will be for seven years, with eligibility for reappointment.

3.4 The Editor will be accountable to the Board of Trustees.

3.5 Remuneration and conditions of service shall be set by the Board of Trustees.

4. When a vacancy occurs, the following procedures will be followed:

4.1 The Secretary of the Board of Trustees will circulate all Presbyteries and Kirk Sessions of the Church setting out the key elements of remit and requesting nominations for the post.

4.2 The Board of Trustees will arrange for an appropriate interview panel to meet with the short listed candidates and make recommendations thereafter to the Board.

4.3 The Board will recommend its preferred candidate to the General Assembly. The General Assembly may accept the Board’s recommendation, or if not, may only choose another candidate from those previously interviewed by the Board.

5. The General Assembly repeal Act XXX, 2007, and also any other previous acts inconsistent with the foregoing.