Act 6, 2015 (VI) – Act anent Compliance and Risk Management. 19th May 2015.

  1. The General Assembly instruct any congregation, committee or board to make early contact with the Church’s Compliance Officer for advice when considering employing any person from outside the European Union, whether in a paid or unpaid role and regardless of the length of stay.
  2. The General Assembly, considering there is a need to raise the awareness of charity trustees at congregational and central level of their responsibilities in relation to legal compliance, instruct the Board of Trustees to conduct a careful assessment of priority areas and to develop guidance materials where appropriate.
  3. The General Assembly note the development of a Conflicts of Interest Policy as a code for good governance at committee and board level. They instruct all Presbyteries to review the policy with a view to developing and adopting a similar policy to deal with potential conflicts at Presbytery level. They also support the Board’s view that there is a need to develop procedures that would help address potential conflicts of interest that might arise during Assembly business and to that end instruct the Assembly Clerks’ Office to undertake a review and to report to the 2016 Assembly through the Board of Trustees.
  4. The General Assembly note the Board’s ongoing work in assessing the risks facing the Church. They instruct the Board to keep these risks under review.
  5. The General Assembly instruct all Kirk Sessions to ensure that they comply with the requirements of the PVG Scheme, seeking advice from the Church’s Compliance Officer. They note, with disappointment, that some ministers have not yet applied for membership of the PVG Scheme and, where this is the case, instruct Kirk Sessions to ensure that steps are taken to rectify the situation as soon as possible. They instruct the Board of Trustees to write to all Presbyteries asking for confirmation that all ministers within their bounds are, or have applied to become, members of the PVG Scheme. They empower the Commission of Assembly to take up and dispose of a Report from the Board on this matter.
  6. The General Assembly instruct the Board to keep developments in relation to safeguarding matters under review and to provide support to congregations in implementation of the Safeguarding Policy and Guidelines.

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