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Act 6, 1894 (VI) – Anent Alterations on Act IV. 1893. 25th May 1894.

The Assembly finding that difficulties have arisen in the application  of Act IV. 1893  anent Representative Elders in Presbyteries and Synods, hereby declare :—

“That the first Synod in each year is to be understood as meaning the Synod meeting in the spring of the year.

“Farther, the Assembly appoint that, in addition to the ordinary extract from the Minutes of Kirk-Session which forms the Commission of a Representative Elder, the following document shall be made use of in connection with this Act in case of an Elder being elected who is not a Member of the Session electing him, or in case of the Presbytery nominating an Elder as provided in the said Act: –
“At                                    the                                            day of  years                                               The Kirk-Session of
Free Church being met and constituted.

Sederunt: The Rev.                                                                              Moderator, with Messrs
, Elders

Inter alia, Intimation being received  that Mr
has been elected a Representative Elder in the Presbytery and Synod of the
bounds by the                                             of
the Session hereby certify that Mr                                              , Ruling
Elder and a Member of this Session, is bona fide an acting Elder in this

This Certificate shall be granted by the Session of which the Elder elected is a Member.