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Act 4, 1994 (IV) – Act anent Leave of Absence. 24th May 1994. (Sections 1 to 4 repealed by Act 4, 2001 (IV); Act 19, 2010 (XIX); and Act 46, 2012 (XLVI); and amended by Act 16, 1995 (XVI) – Act anent Institution of College Board

The General Assembly enact as follows:

Leave of Absence

Absence from duty is designated ‘leave’ and 2 categories are recognised:

1. Sick Leave.

2. Leave for reasons other than illness.

5. Leave of Absence for Foreign Missionaries

Leave of Absence for foreign missionaries shall be granted in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Foreign, Overseas and Jewish Missions’ Board, except in so far as here an ordained missionary unable to fulfil his duties for more than 6 months shall come under the terms of the appropriate Act of Assembly (Act XXXV 1994).

6. Leave of Absence for Resident Home Missionaries

Leave of Absence for resident home missionaries shall be the same as for ministers in pastoral charges.

7. General Regulations

In order to facilitate the foregoing regulations the Committees on Sustentation and the College Board should revise their standing orders to empower the Convener, as occasion may arise, to act on behalf of the Committee.