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Act 2, 1970 (II) – Act anent Assembly Hall and Assembly Officer. 19th May 1970.

The General Assembly amend the regulations re caretaking of the Assembly Hall approved by Act VII, 1936, to read as follows:

(1) That St Columba Deacons’ Court assume responsibility for the Caretaking of the building and that the Church Officer engaged and paid by them shall reside in the dwellinghouse on the premises, and shall be responsible for adjusting the heating system during the sittings of the General Assembly.

(2) That the duty of cleaning the Assembly Hall and Rooms during the entire sittings of the Assembly be part of the responsibility of the Deacons’ Court of St Columba Congregation as Caretakers.

(3) That the Assembly Arrangements Committee shall pay to the Deacons’ Court such a sum per annum as may be agreed upon from time to time in respect of under-taking the duties of caretaking.

(4) That the whole cost of heating and lighting shall be borne by the Deacons’ Court.

(5) That the Collections taken at the Assembly Meetings be retained by the Assembly Arrangements Committee.

(6) That the Assembly Arrangements Committee appoint and pay an Assembly Officer and any Door Attendants and Assistants required by him.

(7) That the ground burdens, rates, insurance and repairs (the expression “repairs” to include cleaning materials, electric lamps and window cleaning) shall be borne equally by the Assembly Arrangements Committee and the Deacons’ Court.

(8) That in the event of circumstances of emergency arising in connection with the building at any time the Chairman of the Deacons’ Court and the Principal Clerk of Assembly be empowered to take the steps required to meet the emergency, their action therein to be reported to the next meeting of the Assembly Arrangements Committee and the Deacons’ Court.