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Act 1, 2012 (I) – Act anent Live Streaming of the Proceedings of the General Assembly. 21st May 2012.

The General Assembly, noting the recommendations of the Assembly Arrangements and Communications Committees approve the following Assembly Reporting Protocol for use at this and future Assemblies and direct that it be put into immediate effect.

  1. ALL Assembly proceedings shall be broadcast live with the exception of those taken in private and those items which are judged inappropriate to broadcast for security and other important reasons. The Principal or Assistant Clerk shall consult with the Media Officer in advance regarding items that may not be suitable to broadcast.
  2. Commissioners and guest speakers and any other participants shall be made aware in advance, through the Assembly Papers or at the point of invitation, that Assembly proceedings will be broadcast live. The Principal Clerk shall give a reminder at the start of each day’s proceedings.
  3. Any Commissioner or other speaker who believes their speech contains sensitive material shall contact the Media Officer.
  4. The Media Officer shall have overall responsibility for on-line broadcasting of Assembly proceedings and will work closely with the live stream operator(s) from St Columba’s.
  5. The Media Officer and Principal Clerk shall have authority to cease the broadcast if they judge appropriate.
  6. Keynote addresses and other recordings may be available on the live stream website for an agreed time.
  7. Recordings shall not be available on demand at any time.
  8. The Communications Committee shall evaluate the live broadcast each year and seek feedback from those most closely involved including the live stream operator(s), Media Officer and Assembly Clerks. A report shall be prepared for consideration at the October meeting of both the Communications and Assembly Arrangements Committees.
  9. The Communications Committee shall agree any changes necessary to online broadcasting with Assembly Arrangements Committee in advance of each year’s Assembly.
  10. Live written updates shall appear in summary form on the Free Church website.
  11. The Record shall continue to give a fuller account of Assembly proceedings, usually in the July edition.