Act 1, 2000 (I) – Act anent Recording of Assembly Proceedings and Appointment of Press Officer. 22nd May 2000.

The General Assembly approve the following guidelines as regards the recording of Assembly proceedings and the taking of photographs during sederunts of the Assembly:

  1. Recording of Assembly proceedings by video recorder etc, by television companies, or by sections of the media shall not be permitted unless prior permission has been received from the Assembly Press Officer acting in accordance with guidelines provided by the Assembly Arrangements Committee.
  2. Use of flash photography by private individuals during the proceedings of the General Assembly shall not ordinarily be permitted, though exception will be made in cases such as the installation of the Moderator, reception of delegates, presentation of individuals to the Moderator.
  3. Notwithstanding the above, the Assembly Arrangements Committee shall have the power to make arrangements at any time for the recording in any way of any part of the Assembly proceedings by any means they consider appropriate.
  4. The General Assembly shall have a Press Officer appointed by the Finance, Law and Advisory Committee on the advice of the Assembly Arrangements Committee who shall be responsible inter alia for liaison with representatives of the media and giving such guidance as may be necessary for them to carry out their duties.

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