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Act 33, 2018 (XXXIII) – Act anent Continuous Professional Development for Serving Ministers. 24th May 2018.

The General Assembly note the advice of the Board of Ministry on the need for Continuous Professional Development in the ministry (CPD). The General Assembly enact as follows:

1. The General Assembly direct that all serving ministers commit to ongoing learning and Continuous Professional Development (CPD), to refresh and further equip their ministries. CPD shall include the four broad categories of: Bible and Theology; Leadership and Management; Pastoral Care and Ministry; and Contemporary Thought and Culture.

2. The General Assembly issue the following seven directives for CPD within the Free Church of Scotland:

2.1 Ministers should aspire to complete 40 hours of CPD each year, formally recorded in a log.

2.2 Presbyteries are encouraged to create space in their agenda for CPD activities.

2.3 Presbyteries should appoint CPD Committees.

2.4 Presbyteries should ensure that members are aware of appropriate resources for CPD.

2.5 Deacons’ Courts shall normally make provision to cover reasonable costs for CPD activities. Presbyteries are encouraged to provide support for CPD for ministers in charges with limited funds.

2.6 Ministers should strive to achieve a measure of balance in the various categories of CPD.

2.7 The General Assembly instruct the Board of Ministry to liaise with other Boards and ensure that future General Assemblies shall normally include items in the programme relevant to CPD designed to be relevant and helpful to the ministers, elders and members of the Church.