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Act 20, 2021 – Communications

Number 20 of Class 2

  1. The General Assembly instruct the Board of Trustees to set up a Communication Group under its oversight. They direct that the Communications Group will seek the approval of the Board of Trustees before any action is taken which may incur institutional risk.
  2. The General Assembly delete Paragraph 1 of Act 24, Class 2, 2017 regarding the Review of Communications Arrangements, and they renumber the remaining paragraphs as Paragraphs 1-3.
  3. The General Assembly amend Act 6, Class 2, 2014 by deleting Paragraph 1.1.3 on the Media Office. They insert a new Paragraph 1.1.3 regarding the Communications Group and its remit as follows:
    to have overall responsibility for all internal and external communication; to progress the communications strategy developed by the now defunct Communications Oversight Group; to implement improvements in communications across the whole Church; to support the Media Officer in responding to media enquiries on behalf of the Church and to take over the remit of the current Media Group; to consult widely with Boards, Presbyteries and Congregations as required.
  4. The General Assembly further amend Act 6, Class 2, 2014 with the insertion of new Paragraph regarding the membership of the Communications Group as follows: The membership and the Chairman of the Group will be appointed by the Board of Trustees.
  5. The General Assembly direct that the existing Paragraph 1.1.4 regarding the membership of the Board of Trustees be renamed ‘Membership of the Board’ to avoid confusion in the reading of the Act.
  6. The General Assembly instruct the Assembly Clerks’ Office in consultation with the Board of Trustees to revise Act 2, Class 2, 2008 regarding Appointing the Media Officer and Terms of Appointment and to bring revised proposals to the 2022 General Assembly.
  7. The General Assembly instruct the Board of Trustees, in consultation with the Communications Group, to
    consider the appointment of an additional communications staff member to work with the Communications Group to improve internal and external communications.
  8. The General Assembly recognise the need for greater coordination between Boards, and greater communication and sharing of prayer points between Boards, Committees, Presbyteries, and Congregations. They specifically instruct the Communications Group to take steps to improve this.
  9. The General Assembly also recognise the need to provide ongoing training, in the various aspects of good
    communication, to Ministers and other Office-bearers throughout the Church. They instruct the Communication Group in conjunction with the Board of Ministry to consider suitable training options.