30 Years of Ministry in Castletown 

Castletown and Community Free Church has celebrated Rev. Howard Stone’s 30 years in ministry.

A celebration was held in Castletown and Community Free Church in February marking the occasion of 30 years of ministry in the village by Rev. Howard Stone.  

Over a hundred friends and family from across the country came together in the Church to give thanks for the work done by Howard and his wife Christine over the past thirty years.  

Those attending enjoyed hearing stories from over the years, video messages from friends who couldn’t attend, a few words from Mr Stone and the singing of Psalms & Hymns, before enjoying some fellowship together.  

Howard first arrived in Castletown in February 1993 with his wife Christine and their family, having completed his studies at the Free Church college in Edinburgh. While originally inducted to the parish of Olrig, Watten & Bower, the Church formally became Castletown & Community Free Church in August 2014. In recent times Howard has presided over Thurso Free Church and Helmsdale Free Church during vacancies and continues to serve as interim moderator of Wick Free Church.  

In addition to weekly services in the village the Church continues to be involved in local school assemblies, youth work and a community café.  

At the event Howard recalled some of the most memorable moments of his time in the village, recounting the motorbike accident he had while on his way to conduct a service in Wick in 2011, which left him with a broken neck and in a ‘halo vest’ for 3 months. He also thanked the congregation and the wider community for their support, friendship and prayers over the years, adding that it was a blessing and delight to serve the Lord in such a lovely community.