Fundraising project

In addition to the charitable work taking place in congregations across Scotland, every year the WfM picks special missions projects to raise funds for.

The projects are normally to do with health, education, poverty and disaster around the world. 

WfM’s project for 2016 – 2017 is Encouraging Education. This will support the work of three different ventures: 

Dumisani Theological Institute, South Africa:

The first of these organisations is Dumisani Theological Institute in South Africa.  Dumisani provides evangelical, reformed, theological education to the Eastern Cape.  Many students struggle to pay their fees, which in turn has a financial impact on Dumisani as a whole.  We would like to provide a bursary fund to help with this. The annual cost per student would be £200 and we would hope to support approximately 30 students per year.   

Colegio San Andres, Lima, Peru:

The second educational establishment we would like to support with the project is Colegio San Andres in Lima, Peru.  Next year the school will, God willing, celebrate its centenary.  It was founded by Free Church missionaries nearly one hundred years ago and has 800 pupils ranging from age 2-17 years old.  We hope to support the Collegio in three areas.  Firstly we would like to financially support Catriona Macdonald.  Catriona not only teaches English to secondary pupils but also seeks to share her faith in her various roles throughout the school and to inspire her pupils to follow Jesus.  Secondly, the school hall is already well-used in the life of the Collegio for a variety of school shows and events. However, with the Centenary celebrations next year, we hope to enable the school to purchase some new equipment to renovate the stage area.  Lastly, much like Dumisani, the Collegio has many students who come from families who experience financial difficulties and so we would like to contribute to a bursary fund to help in such situations.  The fund will also be used to award funding to pupils who achieve first place in scholarship exams.

Mission International, Kenya:

The third organisation is called Mission International.  Mission International is a Christian Charity, which was established in 2007.  Its purpose is to ‘implement projects in support of poor communities in the developing world, in particular (but not exclusively) in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.’  The particular project that we hope to help with is to raise funds for Kandaria Secondary School in Kenya.  Kandaria is a village of only about 4000 people, largely fishermen and farmers.  Until recently they have had no secondary school provision.  40% of the population is illiterate.  Inspiringly, the community began to build their own secondary school using their own funds (which is incredible when most people there live on the equivalent of 70p per day!).  Mission International has recently been asked to help and have managed to supply a range of resources such as computers.  This has attracted many more pupils hungry for an education from further afield and therefore the school is in desperate need of additional classrooms and equipment.  The anticipated cost of the construction of a classroom is £10,000- 12, 000 with additional funds of about £1,000 for classroom equipment.

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Please send all donations to the project secretary:

Janet Murchison
Lower Balmacaan
IV63 6WU

E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: 01456 450837