Annual meeting

The WfM holds its annual meeting in Edinburgh during the General Assembly week, normally on the Thursday.

As well as being an opportunity to catch up with friends from all over Scotland, there are usually a couple of missionary speakers and a time of prayer, Bible reading and praise.

This is always exceptionally well attended, with many coming from across the country for the special gathering. Details about the 2016 gathering will appear below in due course.

Women for Mission annual meeting - Glasgow City Free Church on Saturday 14 May 2016

For many years we have held our annual meetings in Edinburgh Theological Seminary on the Thursday of assembly week. As well as being a wonderful opportunity to give thanks together for funds raised and to hear from some missionary speakers, these meetings have also served as a useful platform for launching new projects. It's hugely encouraging to see the same people supporting WfM year after year and it's always very exciting to see new people come along to show their support for the work we do.

While we're very grateful to have been able to use Edinburgh Theological Seminary for our annual meetings, we have decided to change the location for our 2016 meeting. The last few years we've had to seat people out in the corridor and we've struggled to accommodate people comfortably and safely for the catering after the meeting. Holding the meeting on a Thursday afternoon isn't ideal for everyone and means that some people (including a few members of our committee) are never able to attend because of work commitments. Our plan is to hold the 2016 WfM annual meeting in Glasgow City Free Church on Saturday 14th May.

We very much hope those who usually come will still be able to join us but we also hope the change of location and day will make it easier for others to come along too. 

Anyone who has been to one of our annual meetings will know that the live link with the group in Stornoway is an important feature of our meetings. It would be great to be able to continue providing this facility so we’re in the process of looking into ways of doing this. We also plan to continue organising a bus for those travelling from the north.

We'll give you more information about the annual meeting nearer the time but in the meantime please do join with us in praying that the planning for the day will go well and that God will be glorified through all we do.