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What is the Free Church of Scotland?

The Free Church of Scotland is committed to the proclamation and furtherance of the Christian faith in the nation of Scotland and beyond.

With over 100 congregations and more than 12,000 members from a wide range of backgrounds, our united desire is to proclaim the Lordship of Jesus Christ – the only Saviour to a dying world – and to live in obedience to the Bible.

We believe that faith in the person and works of our Lord Jesus Christ is humanity’s greatest need, since it is only by His perfect sinless life, sacrificial death on a cross, and bodily resurrection from the dead that we can be reconciled to God and granted eternal life.

Whether this is news to you, or it already forms the very foundation of your existence, you would be very welcome to attend one of our Free Church congregations where you can expect a warm and gracious Christian welcome.

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